Our Programs

Age to Age

Age to Age is an intergenerational initiative launched by the Northland Foundation in northeastern Minnesota. In the McGregor area, Age to Age offers young people opportunities to connect with older adults to learn skills and develop supportive relationships with positive people. Older adults in turn benefit from increased social engagement, and opportunities to teach, volunteer, and guide program development.

Programming Under Age to Age

Chore services – Assist older adults to remain living at home. Youth serve in crews, develop work skills and earn a stipend for participation. Service recipients coach youth in work and life skills and are encouraged to donate back time in-kind to our activities. More than 2000 hours of service to 60 or more adults each year. Call Ellen, 612.750.6453 to discuss chore services our crews can help to provide.

Fellows program – Each summer a team comprised of one college student and one older adult pair their skills to complete projects in our area.

Weekly Broadcast – Information related to area activities and events aimed at keeping older adults engaged in community activity.

Ultimate Social Club – A vibrant cohort of adults ages 60+ who meet to build skills and contribute their talents to community youth programs.

Reading Pals – Literacy support for young children through weekly partner reading between a child and older adult, monthly book distributions, collaboration with the public library to provide a summer reading program, and an annual Family Reading Night.

Family Night Out – A community collaboration to sponsor a summer evening night out each week June-August in McGregor. Family oriented fun, food, music and games!

Programming Under Kids Plus

Circle of Care – Serves our youngest community members with educational materials, parenting supports, literacy development, and referrals to helpful services and resources.

Nutrition – Provides snacks and emergency food to youth ages 5-18, and families with children.

Life Skills – Education focused on youth ages 10-18 relevant to substance use/abuse, academic success, job skills, healthy lifestyles and relationships, mental health, decision-making, diverse skill development.

Community Service – Youth work together to plan and execute projects to benefit the local community. Incorporates service-learning fundamentals in engaging ways to empower youth as leaders.

Global Citizenship – Service-learning activities to develop a healthy world view. Literacy, clean water, food needs.

Recreation – Activities within our community and state in which youth explore natural resources and learn how and where they may participate in positive leisure activity.

Lemonade Stand – Offers youth ages 8-12 their first entrepreneurial experience in a safe environment with adult support.